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N&R pay wall

As only he can, N&R editor and publisher Jeff “Grits” Gauger makes it all sound so good:

What’s new in this approach is that readers now will pay to view News & Record content on desktop computers and mobile devices.

We’re calling our new approach “All Access.” The name recognizes that we will offer subscription options that enable readers — you — to read all of the News & Record’s content everywhere we serve it up or to read it only in the format you prefer.

What doesn’t change is the News & Record’s commitment to providing a complete solution for reading timely local news, analysis, opinion and advertising, whether in a print or digital format.

Believe you me I’ve thought twice (many times) before writing out the print subscription check and sticking it in the mail. Guess now I can finally see some value —-limitless access to the N&R’s “commitment to providing a complete solution for reading timely local news, analysis, opinion,” although I seem to be getting by alright linking to articles in other newspapers with paywalls.

To be fair, though —as Carolina Plott Hound points out— the N&R is the last big-city newspaper domino to fall to the temptation of the pay wall.

2 Responses to “N&R pay wall”

  • Jul

    “Grits” doesn’t seem to understand that those of us who quit paying for paper aren’t going to pay for the same stuff on line. Bye bye, N&R, in more ways than one.

  • Jul

    You said it….Web site’s tough enough to navigate for free, Richard….

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