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Re: Matheny’s in; Holliday’s out

By now you’ve heard that Greensboro City Council member Zack Matheny will make a run for Rep. Howard Coble’s 6th District Congressional seat. Will be interesting.

Meanwhile former Mayor Keith Holliday’s is leaving the Carolina Theatre to take a board position on the state’s Division of Employment Security.

Have to wonder what’s next for the Carolina Theatre, given that Holliday was brought in to give it a shot in the arm only to have the city decide we need a fat downtown performing arts center. Hope it doesn’t descend into a slow state of decay once the performing arts center is up and running. For what it’s worth my last visit was a wash–went to see a classic flick on the big screen, but the DVD player –not exactly the way the movie was meant to be seen, either–busted about 20 minutes in. Mayor Holliday was gracious and apologetic as he could be, offering rain checks and refunds. I got my money back and went across the street to M’Coul’s.

Bonus observation: Matheny’s the front man on Gboro’s bid to land the Boeing plant.

Guess who else is bidding —but on that front Meck Deck has good news and bad news. Good news is “it’s hard to imagine CLT winning against an otherwise equivalent bid from an airport that’s not as congested as CLT.” Bad news is Boeing might be bluffing to get the unionized machinists in Everett to come to terms.

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  • Dec

    Many years ago when Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis was running for President of the United States of America and I was driving a truck for a living I often traveled to Massachusetts. Not knowing much about Michael Dukakis I decided to ask the folks I met there what they thought of Michael Dukakis.

    “Worst governor we ever had,” was their usual reply, “but I hope he becomes President.”

    “Why,” I asked.

    “So the rest of the country will finally know how it feels,” they answered.

    Now you know why I’m supporting Zack Matheny For 6th District of the United States Congress and hope you will too. Greensboro has suffered Zack all on our own for far too long.

  • Dec

    Billy that would be like banging your head against a brick wall and feeling good when you stopped.

    I know Howard Coble, Howard Coble is a friend of mine and Zack Matheny is no Howard Coble… not even close

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