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P.J. Hairston and Holloway Street

Jon Ham over a sister blog Right Angles knows Durham, which in case you haven’t heard is where UNC (and Dudley High School) basketball player P.J. Hairston was arrested and charged with misdemeanor possesion of marijuana:

Anyone who has been a regular reader of the Durham police log in The Herald-Sun raised their eyebrows the other day when they finally learned where in Durham UNC basketball player P.J. Hairston was arrested for marijuana possession and driving without a license: 1499 Holloway Street.

You see, Holloway Street, Driver Street, and Liberty Street show up almost daily in the police log. If you’re in Durham to enjoy Durham’s downtown renaissance, you’re not going to find it there. This area is ground zero for prostitution, drug deals, and random shootings.

A 9mm gun and a magazine with nine rounds of ammunition were also found outside the rental car Hairston was driving, although it is not clear whether it belonged to Hairston or one of his two passengers.

As of yesterday UNC Coach Roy Williams was “currently looking into” the situation to “gather all the facts.” It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but I have to ask this question: WWDD (What Would Dean Do)?

4 Responses to “P.J. Hairston and Holloway Street”

  • Jun

    One or both of the other occupants of the mystery mobile will take the par for the weeed and the gun and be on P. J.’s payroll when he is in the NBA

  • Jun

    Fred I would say you are correct.

  • Jun

    Based on how this case will disappear I would say that “P.J.” must stand for “Perverted Justice.”

  • Jun

    If Roy hasn’t taken action by now, he probably won’t

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