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Why did Noah Rogers leave Smith High School?

Seemed odd that Ben L. Smith High School principal Noah Rogers abruptly resigned with the school year about to wrap up and with just a few weeks left on his contract, especially since Rogers had been hailed for his achievements in helping turn Smith around.

The Rhino reports:

Guilford County School Superintendent Mo Green called each school board member individually and told them that Rogers had to go – immediately. Green reportedly reached that decision in conversations with Rogers that afternoon. Rogers’ resignation was announced at 6:21 p.m.

The school board members said Green told them that Rogers’ exit could not wait until the end of the school year, or until June 31, the usual end-of-the-fiscal-year time for school systems to hire employees, cancel their contracts or let their contracts expire.

School board members said Green told him that the reason Rogers had to go was serious enough that it might be referred to a district attorney. They said it was not connected with his management of Smith.

Despite his success at Smith, Rogers took the job under suspicious circumstances, namely his Ph.D from Madison University in Gulfport Miss., a so-called ‘diploma mill.’ As you can imagine, GCS officials –citing personnel policy –are remaining tight-lipped. But we very find out what happened should Rogers’ case go to a district attorney.

4 Responses to “Why did Noah Rogers leave Smith High School?”

  • Apr

    Perhaps, his sudden departure is related to his record of dramatic improvement in test scores at schools under his direction? Perhaps, the Atlanta Schools disaster brought some unwelcome attention?

  • Apr

    He should have done like a certain mecklenberg county politician and just printed Dr. before his name on his letterhead and business cards at home depot.

  • Jan

    Good, Rogers is the same guy that would’by let me teach for lacking a teaching license, and he was a fake PhD. Ha ha ha what goes around comes around MF

  • Feb

    He was so supspcious anyways he probalbly was voluntering

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