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Randolph County megasite

Re the previous post on High Point’s proposed vehicle tax hike, the N&R’s Doug Clark wonders why city living is getting so expensive.

Maybe it’s because they sign on to run water and sewer to a neighboring county for a megasite that may or may not attract industry.

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  • Feb

    I thought robbie the crony capitalist and his trebic cartel are running water to Randolph not high point.

  • Feb

    Yeah that’s what I meant Keith –perhaps I should have spelled it out better in the post

  • Mar

    The sum of tax dollars that would likely be spent to develop an industrial “megasite” for the benefit of a private corporate prospect staggers the imagination. A site similar to ours in size is currently under discussion for development near Knoxville, Jefferson County, Tennessee. As is the case with ours, the bait is an auto assembly plan out in the countryside.

    The Jefferson County Economic Development Oversight Committee commissioned an “Economic Impact Analysis” to weigh the costs and benefits. Here are the costs to the taxpayers, according to the study:

    $60 million for site purchase and infrastructure
    $246.6 million for “additional public funding”
    $340.6 million for in “abated” property taxes
    TOTAL TAXPAYER COST, $657.2 million

    There is nothing to indicate that the Randolph proposal is substantially different from the Tennessee proposal. At least for North Carolina, this is taxpayer funding of private enterprise that is far, far off the scale of historical norms. This is not capitalism. What it is real estate speculation and crony-capitalism.

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