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Gboro mayor weighs in on Voter ID

Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins pens an N&R op-ed on voter ID.

Follow the mayor’s logic:

(T)hese obstacles to the ballot box would come at great expense to voters and taxpayers. Obtaining the documentation necessary to meet the 2011 “Voter ID” requirement runs from $24 (cost of copy of birth certificate) to $32 (cost of driver’s license) to $135 (cost of passport) which does not include the wages potentially lost while obtaining the documentation.

As a mayor working to steer Greensboro out of the Great Recession, the last thing I believe we need is another cost to our state’s voting system.

Considering the fact that Greensboro residents already pay the highest property tax rates in the state —-and Mayor Perkins’ answer to the Great Recession is a downtown performing arts center that would place more burden on the taxpayer — I’m having trouble buying the sincerity of his argument.

Update In contrast, Sen. Phil Berger ‘matter of factly’ addresses Voter ID:

A voter ID would have to have a photo and meet constitutional requirements, Berger said, and he said he thought the GA could accomplish that. An observation: On this matter he seemed very matter of fact, which to my mind is a stronger prediction than other politicians’ feverish rhetoric on whatever issue.

He too pointed out how not having an ID would be a major problem for anyone. By the end of March this year all federal benefits will be distributed electronically. That means you must have a bank account or the equivalent — and you are required to have a photo ID to open an account.

As Civitas puts it, the ability to vote with a photo ID will be a bonus compared to the ability to receive federal benefits.

4 Responses to “Gboro mayor weighs in on Voter ID”

  • Jan

    Any resident of North Carolina can be issued a special identification card provided he or she does not have a valid driver license.
    Step 1, Requirements & Documents
    You will need to bring four (4) documents total. To avoid inconveniences, make sure you have all necessary documents before visiting the Driver License Office.
    In order to apply for the first time issuance of a NC ID Card you will need to gather documents from the following categories:

    Proof of Age & Identity
     You will need 2 documents from this category which provide your full name and date of birth. Listed below are acceptable documents you can use, provided they include your full name (including middle name). Documents that do not include a middle name will not be accepted.
     Acceptable Documents http://www.ncdot.gov/dmv/examples/default.html#identity

    Proof of Social Security
     You will need a Social Security card or proof of Social Security Number by presenting one of the following documents:
     Acceptable Documents http://www.ncdot.gov/dmv/examples/default.html#ssnumber

    Proof of Residency
     If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must provide documentation issued by the U.S. government indicating legal presence:
     Acceptable Documents http://www.ncdot.gov/dmv/examples/default.html#residency

    Step 2, Pay Fees
    The following persons may obtain an ID Card at no fee:
    There is no fee charged for a North Carolina ID Card for a resident of the State who is legally blind, is at least 70 years old, homeless or who has been issued a driver license which has subsequently been cancelled as a result of a physical or mental disability or disease. To obtain a North Carolina ID Card without paying a fee, a homeless person must present a letter to the Division from the director of a facility that provides care or shelter to homeless persons verifying that the person is homeless.
    How to Pay:
    Payment for transactions at DMV Offices are limited to cash, money order or personal checks[?]. No other forms of payment are accepted, including debit and credit cards.

    North Carolina ID Card; Identification Card [?] cost $10.00.

  • Jan

    The Obama administration called on UN poll watchers to come in and stop the “right” from disenfranchising voters. However, the observers reported that the thing they could not believe that voters did not have to show ID to vote and worried it could lead to voter fraud. Not quite the response I am sure the left had hoped for.

    I think we have reached a point in this discourse that those objecting to voter ID should at least be suspect of being involved in voter fraud and I think we should have poll monitors come in to watch any election they are involved in.

  • Jan

    Birth records are $10 if you get them in the county where you were born.

  • Jan

    So, you’re of voting age and you have no photo ID. What’s your plan?

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