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Controversial WSFCS board appt.

Following ‘rancorous’ discussion and debate, the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners appointed ‘conservative homemaker’ Irene May to the Winston-Salem-Forsyth County Board Education. May will fill the seat formerly held by chairman Donny Lambeth, who was elected in November to the state House of Representatives.

May was picked by a ‘bare majority’ on the seven-member board. While four Republicans voted for May, one Republican —Commissioner Dave Plyler —voted for another nominee Democratic commissioners — Walter Marshall and Everette Witherspoon— voted for a third nominee.

May –who has spoken out against the systems thinking method being employed by WSFCS in some schools, was not the first choice of the executive committee of the Fortsyth County Republican Party. The first choice was Winston-Salem resident David Regnery. However, Regnery removed himself from consideration after the Winston-Salem Journal —after being tipped by a “source who declined to be identified because he did not want to upset the local gun community”—- raised questions about Regnery’s possible ownership of an ‘assault-type’ weapon.

The Journal was unable to establish whether or not Regnery indeed own an assault weapon or even if he had a permit.
During the debate, Marshall did not raise Regnery’s possible permit, but simply his “ability to use handguns.” Evidently that’s enough of a disqualifier for him.

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  • Jan

    No doubt, Regnery is a risk at going off since he is a “gun person”.

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