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Re: Maryland’s ACC exit

For what it’s worth, former coach Gary Williams supports Maryland’s move to the Big Ten:

Williams said that the highlight of his coaching tenure at Maryland were the games against North Carolina and Duke, the Terps’ most fierce rivals. But he noted that only once in his 22 years was the ACC men’s basketball tournament played in Washington. The vast majority were played in Greensboro, N.C. “So it was never like we were the most important part of the ACC as a basketball program,” he added.

Look at this season’s schedule and note the Terps have Duke, Carolina and State coming to Cole Field House the Comcast Center. Heading into next season’s expansion, however, Maryland’s permanent rivals become Virginia and Pitt, meaning home games with its fierce rivals will occur, well, who knows when.

I would say the ACC should have thought about this, but it’s their world, we only live in it.

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  • Nov

    If Louisville replaces Maryland, no big deal. The ACC already has two teams in the DC television market, so it sill not miss Maryland. And, Maryland has not exactly been a powerhouse in football or basketball lately. Louisville is better in both sports. Louisville will not add much to the ACC market, but it is not a major step down. It seems that Maryland thinks that they can beat the $50 million exit fee. We’ll see. However, Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Carolina have been rumored to be on the move, and any of those departing the ACC could send major shock waves through the conference. Money, well, yes. Of course, it is all about the children, you know.

  • Nov

    I was completely out of the loop on Maryland’s financial bind. It shows the typical higher ed mentality. Just throw more money at it and don’t worry about addressing the root cause of what got you in the mess in the first place.

    It sounds like many Maryland fans applaud the move, but there’s no way of knowing how it works in the long term. In fact, it’s too early to claim this super-sizing of conferences will prove successful. Teams in these conferences will have to rake in the football bucks just to haul non-revenue teams halfway across the country. Is it possible we start seeing members of these conferences start ditch some of the non-revenues as Maryland has done?

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