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Mayor Perkins’ financial troubles, cont.

Short and to the point letter to the editor in today’s N&R:

After reading the article in the News & Record of Nov. 10, I think Mayor Robbie Perkins may want to consider resigning from the City Council. He is not setting a good example for the youth of the city of Greensboro.

Terence McQuade

The N&R digs further to see if Perkins owes any state or local taxes, but lays off the Rhino report on the lawsuit with his father-in-law, which Perkins won on a summary judgment:

Robbie Perkins was also being sued by his father-in-law, Bob Dabbs, for $16,000. Robbie Perkins won that case on summary judgment, which means the judge decided that there were no material issues of fact involved and there was no need for a jury to hear evidence and make a decision.

Dabbs was suing because he wrote Robbie Perkins a check for $16,000 on Feb. 19, 2009. Dabbs said the $16,000 was a loan to pay the tuition at Greensboro Day School for Robbie and Carole’s youngest daughter, who is his granddaughter.

Dabbs said he had loaned Robbie Perkins money before to buy a car and that Perkins had paid him back with interest, so he thought it would be OK to loan him some more money without a formal written agreement.

Dabbs said the case was decided against him by North Carolina Superior Court Judge Patrice Hinnant because he didn’t have a promissory note, a written contract or a “meeting of the minds” about the $16,000.

Dabbs said, “I’m retired on a fixed income and the man took advantage of me.”

Again, I don’t see Perkins resigning, but no doubt he’s thinking ahead to next years’ City Council election and weighing his options.

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