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Banished to AM

Ed Cone reports WZTK morning hosts Brad Krantz and Britt Whitmire are moving to WSJS’ afternoon slot as part of Curtis Media Group’s reprogramming:

WPTF has taken a hit since Clear Channel debuted “Rush Radio 106.1” WRDU in January 2010 and taking Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity from WPTF. In the January PPM monthlies WRDU scored a 3.4 share, WPTF a 1.4, and 101.1 WZTK a 1.6 in Raleigh (and 2.0 in Greensboro).

I don’t listen WTZK’s morning show, but I don’t listen to the competition, either — I was turned off Rush Radio’s morning team after about an hour, which means I’ve become a WFDD/NPR morning listener. As I’ve said before, I like one voice coming over the radio —the back-and-forth banter is distracting because I can’t tell who’s saying what —which is the reason I was quickly turned off Glenn Beck’s radio broadcast.

As you can imagine I used to be a big AM radio listener, but don’t venture there much these days. However, during the regular I was hoping to listen to the State game on WSJS, so I searched for the AM band on my new kitchen radio/CD player/docking station. There wasn’t one.

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