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Look who’s behind GSO’s waste management task force

I caught a rerun of Tuesday night’s Greensboro City Council meeting and took note of a very interesting late-night item.

Council member Jim Kee was sponsoring a resolution “establishing and providing parameters for Greensboro Waste Management and Recycling Task Force.” Sounds like a good idea, and Kee assured the council that the task force would consist of members representing all parts of Greensboro. But when fellow council member Trudy Wade pressed Kee about who was driving force behind the task force, Kee admitted it was none other than the Citizens for Economic and Environmental Justice.

Remember CEEJ sued the city when the previous council considered reopening the White Street landfill. I see a conflict of interest here, and you have to wonder what conclusions such a task force would reach.

Wade wondered aloud if the White Street landfill would be part of the task force’s discussion, and Mayor Robbie Perkins shot that notion down quickly, saying White street will not be on the table. That’s why he’s mayor.

Update: The Rhino’s John Hammer takes note in his coverage of the meeting. “So the attorney who last year was taking the city to court is now writing policy for the city. How times change,” he writes.

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