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From the N&O:

Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue on Wednesday vetoed a bill that would require teachers and state employees to pick up a greater cost of their health insurance, saying the Republican legislature effectively hit them with a tax increase without consulting them.

And I’m sure she said it with a straight face, just like her line about being the ‘adult in the room’ when she squared off with Phil Berger last week.

The joke is average citizens get hit with tax increases all the time and we’re never consulted. But let’s be fair. The PART board at least held a public hearing before unanimously voting to seek a $3 increase in car registration fees to keep themselves afloat. So you can say in a manner of speaking the public was consulted.

No doubt there will be public hearings as county commissioners debate the issue. But how many commissioners —after hearing strong opposition from citizens —will go ahead and pass the tax increase anyway?

Stay tuned. Greensboro City Councilman and PART board member Robbie Perkins said yesterday “(i)t’s clear we either pass this, move on and make a compelling case, or we shut down PART as we know it today.”

4 Responses to “Punchline of the day”

  • Apr

    Shut it down, shut it down, shut it down.

  • Apr

    Shut down PART? Are you kidding me? The horror! The horror! I’ve never seen more than one real live human riding a PART bus so I thought the buses were only to bring bus loads of fresh air to the Triad from pristine parts unknown. Can you imagine how bad the air quality in the Triad will become once all those busloads of fresh air from Boone cease arriving?

  • Apr

    And while we’re at it, let’s shut down Robbie Perkins too. His continued presence in the local policy making arena is flat out dangerous to the rest of us.

  • Apr

    Which was the greater election joke in 2008, Obama or Perdue?

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