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Paying to watch R. Kelly smoke a cigar

If you paid to watch R. Kelly perform at Ziggy’s on Sunday night, then you got punk’d:

Tickets to the show, which was billed as “An Intimate Birthday Celebration,” sold for $35 to $55.

Kelly went on stage late, smoking a cigar and drinking alcohol, and sang 15 seconds of his 1994 hit song “Bump ‘N Grind” with the audience accompanying him.
“After making a couple quick comments to the crowd, Kelly sat down — for the duration of the ‘show,’” Nate Saunders, who said he had paid $500 for a VIP table for himself and three friends, wrote in an email. “He didn’t sing one song or even address the crowd again. The crowd was just kind of staring at each other confused.”

…“I really paid to watch R. Kelly drink and smoke his cigar,” Deshawna Sharp wrote on Ziggy’s Facebook page. Those comments were later deleted. Another post, which began “Dear Ziggy’s, last night was awful!,” also disappeared quickly from the site.

Check out Mr. Kelly’s performance below.

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The real global warming news

JLF’s Roy Cordato has it:

But wait: There’s more news that you probably missed. Now this is a headline that did appear, but not in any venue that you are likely to have noticed: “Met Office Forecasts No Global Temperature Rise.” This headline appeared on a pretty obscure website called “The Observatory.” And who is the Met Office? It is the United Kingdom Met Office, and Met is short for “Meteorological.” The UK Met Office is heavily relied upon by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, both for climate data and climate forecasts.

So what is the Met Office predicting? No warming for at least the next five years. This is on top of its own data showing that there has been no warming for the last 15 years. According to the Met Office, the planet is looking at 20 years with no warming trend.

Here’s my question regarding global warming: For the past 40-plus years, ever since the evil President Nixon proposed the EPA, we’ve had stringent environmental regulations in place. Reading the mainstream media headlines on global warming these days, are we to assume that those environmental regulations haven’t worked?

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