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W-S police chief stands behind Womble investigation

I realized it was the prerogative to dismiss charges against state Rep. Larry Womble in the fatal head-on crash that killed Winston-Salem resident David Carmichael, considering the fact there were no aggravating circumstances—i.e. alcohol or drugs in Womble’s system.

But —call me a conspiracy nut —– I found it interesting that the basis for the dismissal was an 180-degree turn on original accident investigation — that it was actually Carmichael who crossed the center line and hit Womble head-on instead of the other way around, as Winston-Salem police initially determined.

But Chief Scott Cunningham is standing behind the original findings:

Cunningham responded to questions about the investigation Wednesday at a monthly law-enforcement press conference.

“The initial investigation was not wrong,” he said. “I stand by the investigation we did.”

He said the decision to drop the charge is a prosecutor’s prerogative and stressed that his department is not at-tempting to have the case reopened.

His intent, he said afterwards, was simply to let citizens know that the police department “acted competently, professionally and consistent with the highest ethical standards.”

Important to point out that Carmichael had a blood-alcohol content of .29 at the time of the crash. Bar receipts in Carmichael’s pocket indicated that he had been drinking at a commercial establishment downtown before the crash. So it seems to me that –if indeed Carmichael is at fault —- that legal action is warranted against those establishments. It will be interesting to see if Womble pursues such legal action.

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Gboro mayor strong-arms council over PAC

That’s not me saying, it’s the N&R reporting:

The City Council has splintered under the pressure of deciding whether to build a downtown performing arts center.

Council members have accused the project’s chief supporter, Mayor Robbie Perkins, of strong-arming them. Perkins said his colleagues are showing a “lack of leadership” on the issue.

Council member Jim Kee added Perkins pressured him to vote to fund the center with limited obligation bonds, holding projects in his district over his head. The N&R quotes Kee as saying Perkins has “blinders on, and he just wants to see this thing happen, not considering whether or not we can afford it.”

Kee was a member of the gang that the Rhino’s John Hammer dubbed the Perkinettes. Good to see they’re not marching in lockstep on this issue.

I also can’t help but wonder how supporters who spoke so passionately in favor of the PAC and what it would do for the ‘community’ feel reading the bare naked truth that it all comes down to strong-arm politics.

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