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Re: UNC’s gender inclusive policy

The N&R takes a look at UNC’s policy of ‘gender inclusive language,’ i.e. ‘first year’ vs. ‘freshman’:

Kate Davis Jones, a junior at UNC-CH, said the attention UNC got over the issue was more than she expected. There has been a lot of negative attention and people disparaging the concept of political correctness, she said.

“It’s all been positive with my peers and the people that I talk to, but there has been a lot of incredulity about a lot of the negative press it’s gotten,” said Jones, an organizer with the campus group, Students for a Democratic Society.

Jones said she doesn’t see a downside to changing the language, and it’s wonderful that the university has taken a step to make sure everyone feels included.

Jones said the criticism may be related to what she called other more recent left-leaning activism on campus, such as that against tuition increases and some UNC students’ attempts to implement “gender nonspecific” housing on campus, which would give students the option to room together regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity.

Not sure what ‘gender expression’ is; here’s one definition.

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Mary Ann Holder’s legacy

Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we read the tragic story of Mary Ann Holder, who murdered five children— two of them her own —–following a broken love affair with a married man.

Now we learn Randy Lamb’s wife is is filing a claim against Holder’s modest estate for the $10,000 check Holder made out to her the night before the killings in hopes of avoiding an alienation of affection lawsuit.

Not an attorney here, but I say good luck with that. Better off that Jennifer Lamb let his one go. My heart goes out to Holder’s surviving daughter Christina Key, who is handling her late mother’s estate, not an easy job for a 21-year-old.

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Early voting issues at WSSU

Imagine this — the sole Republican on the Forsyth County Board of Elections was the odd man out on a 2-1 vote allowing Winston-Salem State University students to cast early voting ballots without identification.

Board chair Linda Sutton’s motion would allow students who did not provide ID proving residency to vote based on a residency list provided by the university. Board member Jonathan Dills protested, claiming that Sutton’s motion provided an unfair advantage for Democratic candidates —- specifically President Obama —because the majority of students –and the majority of African-Americans —tend to vote Democratic.

What really raised Dills suspicion was the fact that Obama campaign officials have been lobbying the county to allow to the list as adequate proof of residency. Sutton rejected the notion that she somehow is trying to help the Obama campaign.

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Re: ‘The Death and Life of Asheboro, N.C.’

In case you missed it, here is last night 60 Minutes report on Asheboro as the symbol of the state of the economy.

Scott Pelley’s closing words: ‘Folks around here believe if there is to be a brighter tomorrow, they’re going to have to build it themselves.’ Seems to be a direct contradiction to President Obama’s comments earlier this year.

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Look who’s burying the middle class

None other than the Department of Education, says this op-ed from Newsday Opinion editor Anne Michaud, which ran in yesterday’s N&R. Michaud says the feds just keep blowing the higher education bubble with easy student loans, in the process “knocking down families into poor credit and poverty.”

Which again makes one wonder why we even need a Department of Education.

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Rasmussen: Romney 52%, Obama 46% in N.C.

President Obama leads among early voters, but “among the 92% who say they are certain to vote in this year’s election, Romney leads 57% to 41%.”

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Funding magnet schools transportation

Interesting situation the Guilford County Board of Education pondered at last night’s meeting—- how to fund transportation to magnet schools* after Title I money dries up due to the phaseout of NCLB sanctions. Of course the option of cutting off transportation the magnet schools altogether is always there, but board chairman Alan Duncan said “that is very troubling to me from an equity standpoint.”

*My source inside Jones Elementary tells me there’s a rumor going around that if Mitt Romney wins the election, he’s going to close magnet schools.

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Early voting issues in Guilford County

More problems are reported with the electronic ballot in Guilford County, this time in Pleasant Garden and Jamestown after problems were reported at Greensboro’s Bur-Mil Park location.

Guilford County Board of Elections Director George Gilbert says there are “calibration issues” with the machines, adding they are checked every morning and the calibration problem isn’t unusual. Gilbert has been elections director for a long time and has always been open and accessible, so I certainly don’t think he is part of some sort of conspiracy. The irony however is if anybody might see a conspiracy, it would be the U.N.

On a related note, check out the early voting guide being distributed door-to door here in G’boro.

Update: Thank goodness the world’s not voting in this election, though you have to wonder exactly why the rest of the world would want President Obama to remain in office.

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Meanwhile, in Ohio…..

Recent polls by Wake Forest grad Scott Rasmussen say President Obama and Mitt Romney are deadlocked 48-all in Ohio.

Check out the CBS News focus group in Ohio watching Monday night’s debate. The look on Henderson native on Charlie Rose’s face is priceless when he hears that the majority thought Romney won the debate.

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UNC professor’s Argentinian odyssey

Looks as though septuagenarian UNC physics professor Paul Frampton went to Argentina not in search of cocaine, but…..

Frampton was arrested Jan. 23 at the international airport in Buenos Aires after the drugs were found hidden in the lining of a piece of his checked luggage as he was trying to fly back to North Carolina.

Frampton, who is 68, said he was duped into carrying the otherwise empty suitcase after flying to South America for what he thought would be a meeting with a internationally known bikini model who he thought he had met on the Internet. He said that after arriving he never actually saw the woman, and was instead asked by a man who presented himself as an intermediary to transport the suitcase.

Never mind the present circumstances — Frampton says he deserves a pay raise.

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