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Thomasville teacher’s sex survey

Thomasville Ledford High School drama teacher Bob Dye has been suspended with pay after the father of a 15-year-old female student raised questions about a survey asking sexual questions:

The two-page survey starts out with innocuous questions like ‘Do you consider yourself and extrovert or introvert?’ But towards the end of the questionnaire comes the five-question section labelled ‘sex.’

Among the racy questions the students were asked to answer were: ‘What form of seduction do you like the most?’ and ‘What’s the most sensual or sexual part about you?’

Other parents and students have rushed to Dye’s defense, saying –according to the Daily Mail —the student took the survey “out of context” and that Dye “told the students that they were not obligated to answer the sex-related questions.”

Doesn’t matter –no place for this in the classroom.

Via Carolina Plott Hound.

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Guilford commissioners diss new PTRC headquarters

Guilford County Board of Commissioners overwhelmingly reject a resolution supporting the Piedmont Triad Regional Council’s proposed $4 million Kernersville headquarters:

The commissioners disliked the idea so much that, even though Guilford County wouldn’t be financially obligated by the new building, Commissioner Kirk Perkins said that the group was getting way ahead of itself. Commissioner Paul Gibson said, “I have a lot of questions and they haven’t been answered here tonight.” And Commissioner Billy Yow openly questioned the group’s judgement. After Yow heard the amount PTRC is paying for rent in its current office space, an amazed Yow asked, “Are ya’ll living in the White House?”

PTRC wasn’t seeking funding for the new HQ per se, although member government dues certainly will help pay for it. Endorsement from from member governments is necessary to proceed however, and standard operating procedure is to get ‘popular support’ by having counties sign off. Since Guilford County refused to endorse the project, PTRC’s next move may be to go to the individual cities —High and Greensboro— for support.

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PART’s ‘options for survival’

N&R report sounds pretty grim, with the option of city buses running PART routes on the table for tomorrow’s ‘special meeting.’

PART’s private contractor also wants more money and is threatening to pull buses if they don’t get it.

Not good.

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More questions about CenterPoint funding

Following an emotional debate during Monday’s Forsyth County Commissioners’ meeting over additional funding for CenterPoint Human Services, commissioners in Stokes County will take up the matter next week. And while Stokes County has put CenterPoint’s funding in its ’12-’13 budget, commissioners —like their counterparts in Forsyth —want more information:

Adding to the tension is county officials’ complaints about CenterPoint’s pattern of lacking transparency with its finances, its resistance to freezing salaries and rescinding salary and merit-pay increases despite asking for more taxpayer money.

Looks as though Rockingham County will have questions before they agree to help fund CenterPoint.

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Alamance County sales tax hike: Proverbial cart before the horse

Help me out if I’m missing something here. Alamance County Commissioners are discussing whether or not an economic development fund should be capped at $5 million. Looks like prevailing opinion is the cap should be lifted.

But will be the source of aforementioned economic development fund? A quarter-cent sales tax hike that is on the November ballot along with a $15 million bond referendum for improvements to Alamance Community College.

Only problem is odds are against the sales tax hike passing. Commissioners know this, but still they try, try again.

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‘Packed house’ for Obama acceptance speech?

N&R editorial on next week’s DNC:

The Queen City of the Carolinas boasts a population of 772,627 (2.5 million in its metro region), shows off a glittering skyline and claims two major-league sports teams (if you count the Bobcats). Its impressive corporate lineup includes Bank of America and Duke Energy, both headquartered in Charlotte. It has first-rate museums, medical centers and a light-rail system (in progress for many years yet to come) for which no expense has been spared.

All these attractions, and the fact that North Carolina is a battleground state in this year’s presidential campaign, led to Charlotte’s proudest achievement: hosting the Democratic National Convention, which begins next Tuesday. President Barack Obama will crown the event with his nomination acceptance speech before a full house at Bank of America Stadium Sept. 6.

Full house, eh? That is if all the free tickets were picked up.

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Obamacare spikes Guilford College

Student healthcare costs at Guilford College will rise 75 percent due as a result of implementation of President Obama’s signature legislative achievement, the Affordable Care Act.

Money quote from Guilford VP for Finance Greg Bursavich:

“[T]he notion that the health care law wouldn’t cost everybody more money is nonsense,” said Bursavich. “[You can’t] begin adding coverage on things that used to not be covered and just assume that some genie in the sky is going to pay for it. We are all paying for it and this is the beginning.”

I don’t know Mr. Bursavich —for all I know his politics might be right in line with mine. But anyone who’s lived in Greensboro for any amount of time will find it surprising that a Guilford College official would make such a statement.

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Stan Kowalewski: Back in business

The N&R reports the SEC has fined former Oak Ridge Military Academy basketball coach Stan Kowalewski over —as he puts it —their “difference of opinion.” That’s quite a difference of opinion, although the $8 million is only half the penalty Kowalewski was originally facing for investment advisory fraud.

Kowalewski is living and again coaching basketball in Pawleys Island. He’s also started a new —get this –financial services business.

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How dare public officials ask questions about taxpayer funding

Forsyth County commissioners are a few too many questions about CenterPoint Human Services’ request for $1.3 million.

CenterPoint head Betty Taylor doesn’t like it, so she “has simply decided not to continue responding to Forsyth County’s never-ending response for more information.”

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Romney: 299 electoral votes

Locker Room passes along that very scenario which —- as you can probably imagine — has the (soon to be) Republican nominee taking both Ohio and Florida which — as you can imagine — is a “controversial call.”

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