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As Rachel Maddow sees us…..

I shuddered to think, but I watched her video with an open mind.

I like the way Maddow makes it sound like the ‘regular guy’ who owned the boarded-up house in Lindley Park was a victim of the mortgage crisis, when media accounts reported he had serious mental problems. Whether the two are connected is highly questionable.

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The desert wasteland of transit projects

Last week CJ’s Michael Lowrey analyzed what he described as the ‘kudzu of transit projects’—- the proposed a $452 million, 25-mile commuter rail line from the center of Charlotte through Huntersville, Cornelius, and Davidson and Mooresville.

Today I read in today’s N&R this AP story on the proposed $4.9 billion bullet train through the Mojave Desert to Las Vegas.

Never mind that the train would be financed by a ‘loan’ from the Obama administration to his buddy ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid. Never mind that while jobs provided by the Keystone pipeline have been called into question, yet Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood ‘publicly blessed’ the train because of the jobs it would provide, never mind that who in their right mind would drive into the middle of the desert only to stop and hop a train the rest of the way.

Here’s the bottom line:

“When somebody comes and tells me I will build a system that pays for itself, I’m a little suspicious,” said Hasan Ikhrata, executive director of the Southern California Association of Governments, which questioned ridership potential in a report last year. “There is no high-speed rail system in the world that operates without subsidies.”

Although I believe in the theory that the mainstream media pushes mass transit as part of its support network for Obama administration policies, I’m still amazed at the way they cannot neglect the fact that mass transit does not pay for itself. Still they keep pushing it.

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UNC compromises with Rush Radio

The Charlotte Observer reports the University of North Carolina has reached a compromise with Rush Radio station WRDU, the sister station of Greensboro’s WPTI.

Both stations broadcast Tar Heel football and basketball games. Calls for the university to distance itself from stations broadcasting Rush Limbaugh’s radio show in the wake of Limbaugh’s “rude, inappropriate and offensive statements.” (That particular controversy suddenly seems so long ago, doesn’t it?)

The agreement basically says that Rush Limbaugh will not be referenced during Tar Heel games, and Tar Heel sports will not be referenced during Limbaugh’s show. According to its statement, the university “does not plan to take further action.” As you can imagine, the action UNC did take doesn’t please everyone:

BlueNC.org co-founder James Protzman, who had been outspoken in his criticism of the university’s connection to Rush Radio said, “UNC’s response is more than I’d hoped for, but less than it should have been.”

“I see the university as a powerful force for strengthening the fabric of our democracy,” Protzman said. “UNC missed the chance to make the most of this teachable moment.”

Evidently the real world –contractual obligations with Tar heel Sports Properties and the affiliates that broadcast Carolina games are standing in the way of this ‘teachable moment.’

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Breck Girl —Bad to worse

Trial starting here in G’boro in April, heart condition and now reports that he’s “allegedly been named as a client in New York City’s so-called “Soccer Mom Madam” prostitution scheme.”

It must suck being John Edwards right now.

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‘Person of interest’ in suspicious Beloved Center package

Yes!Weekly slammed the Rhino’s reporting on the investigation of a suspicious package that was delivered to the Beloved Community Center, saying John Hammer’s reporting was “inexcusably rife with errors, speculation and bad journalism.”

After hearing Greensboro Police Chief Ken Miller’s explanation to the City Council, Hammer says the “incident happened much as The Rhino Times had previously reported.”

Bottom line, according to Miller, is a suspicious package was delivered to Beloved Community Center on a Saturday –when the center is closed —- but someone still picked it up. The individual to whom the package was addressed is a “person of interest in the case,” but —guess what —police can’t find him.

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Why was Alamance principal suspended?

The Alamance-Burlington school system is is citing state personnel law when declining to provide details about the suspension of Woodlawn Middle School principal Deborah Brogden. An school system official:

…(F)urther cited state law in declining to answer questions about whether the suspension was tied to an incident March 8-9, in which some students and parents at the school became concerned about rumored threats of school violence that were publicized on social media websites Twitter and Facebook. Doane noted that state law “does not make the basis for an employee’s suspension a matter of public record,” meaning the system would neither confirm nor deny whether it was linked to the rumor outbreak. The Alamance County Sheriff’s Office, like the school system, has said there was no credible threat of violence behind the rumors.

Tough how to figure out how the principal is taking the fall for this.

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No second fifty for John S. Clark

One story that’s run under radar scope is last week’s announcement that Triad-area commercial builder and general contractor John S. Clark is closing its doors after buyout negotiations collapsed. It was not a good sign when the company closed its Greensboro office a few years ago.

John S. Clark had been in business since 1958. Yet another requiem for the American Dream. But remember –the economy is improving. At least that’s what the Obama administration wants you to believe.

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Surprise — No problem with GPD captain’s moonlighting

Interim Greensboro City Attorney Jamiah Waterman issued his opinion that records of Greensboro Police Capt. James Hinson’s outside employment should remain confidential under state personnel laws, while interim City Manager Denise Turner Roth told the City Council all questions about Hinson’s operation of a group home in his division “were investigated and determined to be unfounded.”

Note ‘interim’ in italics —- in addition to problems within Greensboro’s police force, the instability in city government must again be re-emphasized. Maybe one day.

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Obama vs. Hayes

Via Locker Room, I came across Mark Steyn’s piece on President Obama’s most recent history lesson.

Never minding the arrogance behind unjustly and inaccurately criticizing a former president who can’t speak for himself—Steyn gets to the essential problem the country faces under Obama:

But obviously Rutherford B. Hayes isn’t as “forward-looking” as a 21st-century president who believes in Jimmy Carter malaise, 1970s Eurostatist industrial policy, 1940s British health-care reforms, 1930s New Deal–sized entitlements premised on mid-20th-century birth rates and life expectancy, and all paid for by a budget with more zeroes than anybody’s seen since the Weimar Republic. If that’s not a shoo-in for Mount Rushmore, I don’t know what is.

That’s the definition of hope and change, which obviously is neither.

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Surprise —Guilford County finds $5.6 billion

‘Given the troubled economy’—– as the N&R reports—– what a pleasant surprise to learn that Guilford County’s tax values have risen $5.6 billion.

Amazing how gov’t always finds the money.

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