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PART seeks registration tax

PART will be broke by November because —-as director Brent McKinney told they board —they’re spending more than they’re taking in. Imagine that.

So they’re going to approach commissioners in five counties —including Davidson, Randolph and Guilford —- about $3 per tag motor registration fee, which would raise $3 million annually.

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No hate, just reality

Charlotte Observer columnist Mary Newsome made a classic appearance in the N&R last month. Her post on why conservatives hate trains is even better. Meck Deck’s cleanup is even better than that.

I’ll echo the notion that there’s no hate, just reality. There is no more money —that’s reality. None other than the New York Times said as much in its recent article on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie:

Over the past decade, governors have exhausted all the easy options for eradicating, or at least hiding, deficits — building casinos and adding new fees, issuing bonds and securitizing tobacco revenue. Now, facing a painfully slow recovery and the end of stimulus spending from Washington, governors from both parties are finding that there are simply no more gimmicks left to exploit. They have to deal with what has long been an unspoken reality — that state governments have made a mountain of promises they can’t keep.

With that in mind, best thing to do is step back and really look at who’s pushing the hate.

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N&R says hands off Golden LEAF

I’ll give the N&R credit for a somewhat balanced editorial on the “cash cow called Golden LEAF.”

But in the end:

While the process has been less than perfect, focusing on long-term economic growth makes more sense than following the examples of some other states and earmarking the settlement money for budget deficits.

A short-term fix looks inviting, but once spent, the money is gone. On the other hand, if it generates new jobs, both struggling families and hard-pressed communities will benefit long-term. The better approach is continuing to demand more accountability from the foundation’s 15-member board.

It’s working so well now, so why would anyone want to mess with it (insert sarcasm).

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Davis Garage before W-S planning board

Harvey Davis’ proposal to move his auto repair shop from downtown Winston-Salem to near Stratford Road could go before the city-county planning board this afternoon.

Residents of the nearby Huntington Woods subdivision spoke out against the project, while city-county staff recommended against it because its land-use plan calls for moderate-density residential. I can’t help but wonder how Huntington Woods residents would react to a plan for such development.

Remember the city wants to use eminent domain to seize Davis’ existing property for a transportation hub that would connect to a proposed high-speed rail line —-yippee.

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