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Big win for Rick Scott

Seems like the theme of government grants is running heavy this week. Down in Florida, the state Supreme Court upheld Gov. Rick Scott’s rejection of federal funds for a high-speed rail line between Orlando and Tampa.

I love this passage (emphasis mine:)

Mr. Scott’s decision has been opposed by both Democratic and some Republican lawmakers, who have said the high-speed link would give the state’s staggering economy a boost.

..(I)n the last several weeks, in an effort to allay Mr. Scott’s concerns, the federal Department of Transportation, along with the mayors of Tampa and Orlando and other Florida political leaders, had crafted an arrangement in which the contractor hired to build the rail line would have been responsible for all of its construction and operating expenses as a way to further insulate taxpayers if something went wrong.

It was not immediately clear why Mr. Scott rejected the proposal.

I reckon Scott’s reason for rejecting that proposal is pretty much the same reason he rejected fed funding in the first place: it’s one mother of a boondoggle. And the idea that lawmakers think they can sue to make a state accept federal funding shows is insane.

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Sex and hoops

Interesting that as BYU hoopster Brandon Davies’ suspension for having sex is the talk of the day, the N&R (unposted) profiles Greensboro College center Danielle Duncan, who’s juggling school, basketball and motherhood:

In late summer 2009, Duncan learned she was pregnant.

At first, I was really scared and didn’t know what to do,” Duncan said, “and my parents found out, and they were supportive from the get-go.”

Worries crept in about whether she could play basketball and what it would mean for her college career. She missed two semesters at Greensboro during the pregnancy.

Duncan tried to stay active by walking every day and shooting hoops as much as she could.

“And when I would shoot, Micah would kick,” she said. “I think I was five or six months along, and I put that on pause.”

The father’s not in the picture, so it’s fortunate that Duncan’s parents are supporting her and her son. The Pride faces St. Vincent in the first round of the NCAA Division III tournament.

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Two distinctly different views on grants

Imagine this —– Guilford County Commissioners Skip Alston and Billy Yow didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye as commissioners pondered a state transportation grant, which would requite the county to pony up $96k for “administrative assistance.”

Alston said “Anytime we can spend $96,000 to bring $787,000 to this county we should do it,” while Yow said “At some point you’re going to have to learn to say ‘no.’”

You can imagine how I feel about it.

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