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High-speed rail: Parody of itself

Lexington leaders will visit other train depots around the state —-including Greensboro’s —- “to help them gain ideas about planning and designing a transportation hub in Lexington.”

They seem intent on making the project work, although — to quote another Triad leader —–where the money comes from is a whole other issue. Lexington plans on using a $700,000 federal grant for the planning phase, which of course runs the risk that the grant will be wasted money. Imagine that.

Coincidentally, Antiplanner passes passes along an ‘advertisement’ for the ‘Cape Fear Monorail.’ Listen to it carefully —it’s honestly hard to tell if it’s a parody, because so many in government and the media have said as much about so-called high-speed rail, but with a straight face.

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Hey Republicans: Stand firm, don’t be like ‘them’

Interesting back-to-back posts over Dr. Guarino’s.

First, in the wake of another legal setback for Obamacare, he cites former Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum’s admonition that Republicans in Washington stand firm.

Below that the good doctor posts video of JLF’s Becki Gray’s plain talk about North Carolina’s budget crisis.

A couple of weeks ago Becki penned a must-read column with a clear message for state Republicans: don’t be like ‘them.’

We know who ‘they’ are, and trying to ‘be like them’ at both the state and national level has gotten us into this mess.

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GCS: Priority Everything

Guilford County commissioners and school board chairman Alan Duncan butted heads at yesterday’s retreat. Commissioner Kirk Perkins tried to pin Duncan down on school construction projects that could possibly be delayed given the county’s dire budget situation:

At several points, Duncan seemed flustered and annoyed by the questioning.

“Kirk, let me be clear,” he said. “We do know what our priorities are. Every one of these projects is a priority.”

Meanwhile, Sheriff B.J. Barnes proposed closing the High Point jail after the new $115 million county jail opens in downtown Greensboro.

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Slimmed-down N&R

I took note of N&R publisher Robin Saul’s heads up that our local paper of record would be shrinking. I kinda forgot about it until I picked my paper up off the sidewalk this morning. It felt like one of the old Ad-Paks I delivered as a kid.

Editor John Robinson spins:

When News & Record president and publisher Robin Saul announced the new size last week, we got this note from a reader:

“Just to let you know, my husband and I are looking forward to the new paper size. We struggle every morning to find room to lay out our section of the paper without invading each other!”

Noticeable changes are in the obituaries and the ed page, which only had one slimmed-down editorial. This is indeed —as Robinson states —- the industry norm.

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