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Careful —the IRS reads the newspaper

Funny, I’d always wondered how Greensboro ultramarathoner Charlie Engle financed his globe-trotting lifestyle. Turns how someone else did, too:

Engle didn’t know it at the time but it was his run across the Sahara that began his latest downfall.

IRS special agent Robert Nordlander testified that he began looking into Engle’s finances after reading a story about the ultramarathon across the desert and wondered how Engle could afford to pay for such an adventure.

Yesterday a jury convicted Engle of 12 counts of fraud, “finding that he bilked banks out of $150,000 to finance his athletic efforts.”

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Rep. Brown and ‘rational standpoints’

Both the Winston-Salem Journal and the High Point Enterprise slam Rep. Larry Brown for his e-mail comments referring to gays as “queers” and “fruit loops.” The Enterprise has an interesting take:

Brown’s use of homosexual slurs in this e-mail indicates a bias and a bigotry that says his votes on legislation in these matters could be impacted more by his bias and bigotry than the laws and constitutions that govern our state and nation. Certainly, legislators who debate these issues when they are proposals before the General Assembly are free to oppose them if they wish. But that opposition should be argued from a rational standpoint, not a position based in bigotry, which Brown’s comments seem to indicate.

The one problem with that view is that even if a legislator uses a ‘rational standpoint’ to vote against legislation related to homosexuality, pro-gay groups will still say his vote was grounded in bigotry. That’s the way the left operates on pretty much any issue. If you use a ‘rational standpoint’ to vote against draconian environmental legislation, then you’re for dirty air. If you use a ‘rational standpoint’ to vote against government takeover of the healthcare system, then you’re against sick people. If you’re for a ‘rational’ school assignment policy, you’re against black kids. You get the idea.

I’m not defending Rep. Brown’s comments. I’m just saying that that they’re some issues where using rational standpoints does legislators absolutely no good.

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Guilford sales tax: Third time’s not the charm

Today’s N&R lead editorial pretty much endorses Guilford County’s proposed quarter-cent sales tax, saying if the Quarter Cent Makes Sense gang “works hard and sticks to the facts, it might sway thoughtful voters.”

Turns out the John Locke Foundation also has a few facts in its just-released policy report. Most interesting is the fact that the new Jamestown Middle School —- which appeared on the 2008 bond after funds from the 2003 bond were squandered —– is one of the three most expensive schools in the state.

Report co-author Michael Sanera weighs in below.

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Wrong side of history

Guarino catches the last three innings of Roy Halladay’s historic no-hitter against my Reds. Aw hell, it’s fun to be part of history, even if it’s on the wrong side.

I still see a couple of bright spots. The Reds’ bullpen shut the Phillies down after the second inning. And over the course of the season, they’ve responded well to adversity.

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