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Cary Allred in trouble again


The N&R and the Burlington Times-News report that former state Rep. Cary Allred –currently waging a write-in campaign for Alamance County commissioner — has been charged with DWI. Allred maintains he was not drunk and the charge is yet another instance of police harassment.

The strange part of the story is police were looking for Allred earlier in the evening when someone complained about his two dogs sitting inside his car parked outside Skid’s restaurant. Police looked for Allred in Skid’s before finding him across the street at La Fiesta’s.

This is Allred’s third reckless driving incident in just over a year, second involving alcohol —- remember his 102-mile-an hour cruise down I-40 after a Chelata?

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Poor, poor RCC

Listen to Randolph Community College president Bob Shackleford complaining about budget cuts in light of the county’s tough budget year, when property taxes were raised 3 cents instead of the proposed 9 cents.

Remember this is after a small turnout of voters approved a quarter-cent sales tax hike –which takes effect tomorrow —earmarked specifically to fund RCC’s capital improvements.

Why am I having trouble mustering sympathy?

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Ragsdale parents want answers

Parents met with officials from Guilford County Schools last night, seeking answers about yet another delay in renovations to Ragsdale High School.

School district officials did not rule out the possibility Tuesday that they could move money from other construction projects to finish the planned renovation and expansion of Ragsdale High School.

….Many residents say they are mistrustful because the school board spent bond money listed for Ragsdale High and Jamestown Middle School on other voter-approved school projects on the 2003 bond referendum list.


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Al Gore’s massage

Rush Limbaugh read Byron York’s write-up of the ‘sex complaint’ against Al Gore. Trust me, it’s hilarious:

Rush’s account, with commentary:

“Gore said he was tired from travel and described in detail the massage he wanted.” Are you ready for this, folks? “It included work on the abductor muscles…” Do you know where the adductor muscles are? Dawn, do you happen to know where the adductor muscles are? (interruption) Well, you work out. Do you know where they are? (interruption) Brian, do you have any idea? (interruption) No, they’re not the abs. Close. They are “on the inside of the thighs.” Think groin.

….He turned on this song, his foreplay tune on his iPod docking station… “‘Dear Mr. President,’ a lachrymose attack on George W. Bush by the singer Pink. [Alecia Beth Moore]. ‘As soon as he had it playing, he turned to me and immediately flipped me flat on my back and threw his whole body face down over atop of me,’ she said. ‘I was just shocked at his craziness.'”

“Finally she got away,” and this is the funny party. She got away from it and “Later, she talked to friends, liberals like herself…” She asked her liberal friends what she should do. Her liberal friends… I kid you not; this is in the police report. The massage therapist’s liberal friends “advised against telling police. One asked her ‘to just suck it up; otherwise, the world’s going to be destroyed from global warming.'” If you go turn Gore in, all efforts to stop… I’m not kidding you! This is what she told the police. Her liberal friends said: Look, the guy made advances on you, it’s no big deal. Look, you gotta give him a pass on this, otherwise we’ll all be destroyed from global warming.

You can say what you want about George W. Bush —many have —- but many times I have thanked the good Lord he was elected, selected, whatever you want to call it, instead of Al Gore.

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G’boro getting the message?

Down Interstate 40, the N&R reports (e-edition only) Greensboro’s population growth trials the state’s other major cities, including Winston-Salem and —gasp —– High Point.

Veteran reporter Donald Patterson turns to the usual UNCG sources for insight. Urban geography professor Keith Debbage says “growth is a surrogate measure for the overall health of a community,” while economics professor Don Jud says local leaders should focus on the tools of economic growth, which “means keeping public services high and taxes at a low level.”

Fair enough, Greensboro cut taxes, while it seems like everyone around us is hiking taxes. G’boro’s cut impressed those watching from afar, but those of us who live know it could have been much, much better, especially when the haggling was over loose-leaf collection and the Children’s Museum.

On that note, the Rhino’s John Hammer analyzes the ‘rookie mistakes’ Mayor Bill Knight and council member Danny Thompson —both elected on a conservative platform —made when negotiating the budget:

Knight and Thompson were working on their first budget. They have been misinformed over and over again by staff during their six months in office, but they seemed to think that the budget information from staff was carved in stone.

…From talking to Thompson, one of the roadblocks they seemed to hit is when they found that the budget for software maintenance increased by about $1.5 million, and that the budget for small tools and equipment increased by about $1 million, and pointed it out to city staff. It turns out the city staff had a perfectly reasonable explanation for how that money would be spent. It was almost as if Thompson expected the city staff to slap their foreheads and say, “You found the money we hid.”

Next both Thompson and Knight will be, shall we say, older and wiser.

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CAT plant battle begins in earnest

State and local officials are busily prepping an incentives package for a Caterpillar plant that would be built in Forsyth County near the still-running Dell plant.

Forsyth and the City of Winston-Salem would offer up $3.5 million each, with the state kicking in $50 million:

The expected $7 million local offer to Caterpillar would be the third-highest package since the incentive era began in 1991, topped only by the $33.7 million offered to Dell in 2004 and the $11.4 million offered to Piedmont Triad Research Park in 2006.

If the state offers up to $50 million, it would be the third-highest offered by the state for a Triad economic project behind up to $267 million for Dell and $115 million for the FedEx Corp. cargo hub at Piedmont Triad International Airport.

Meanwhile, we learn that Greensboro made its pitch for the CAT plant, but didn’t make the first cut.

Update: W-S offers up incentives to a beverage company that apparently was moving there anyway.

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Counties want in on Internet service

Not only do municipalities want to provide Internet service, but counties want in on the action, too. Rep. Bill Faison has sponsored a bill that would allow Caswell County to provide Internet service.

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More on Mission Possible funding

Last week I posted JLF’s Terry Stoops weighing in on Guilford County Schools’ Mission Possible program, which could could end due to lack of funding.

Below is an update on WGHP. The gentleman in the suspenders shown speaking right before Terry is GCS board member Garth Hebert who faces a tough reelection campaign against High Point property developer Ed Price.


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Too long in the tooth to Tweet

Will Rep. Howard Coble, still trying to get with the times:

Coble says his methods of campaigning have served him well, but earlier this year the congressman gave permission for his staff to open a Facebook account in his name. Coble, who is running against Salisbury Democrat Sam Turner in November, continues to use his top three ways of campaigning.

“The young people now are attracted by social media,” the 79-year-old Coble said. “I figured even though I am old school, I don’t want to be out of step. We agreed to do that and I have no regrets having done it.

“Somebody suggested that we have a Twitter,” he joked. “I said, ‘I’m too long in the tooth to tweet, so we dismissed that one.”

It’s easier than you might think, Howard. Just don’t overestimate the attention span of the people on the other end.

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Journal lays it on thick

The Winston-Salem Journal reviewing the new taxpayer-funded downtown stadium:

The roar of the crowds at Winston-Salem’s new downtown ballpark is drowning out the carping of critics. The attendance figures are signaling that the park, ridiculed during its construction lull last year, will be a success, one that will bring in money, draw city residents together and spur more economic development.

Halfway through the season, the park’s tenant, the Winston-Salem Dash baseball team, is leading the Carolina League in attendance, averaging more than 4,500 a night, a sharp increase over what the team averaged at its old home, Ernie Shore field. More than 145,000 people have taken in games at the stadium since it opened in April, the Journal ‘s Laura Graff reported Sunday.

If the Greensboro Grasshoppers’ experience in their new stadium is any indication, attendance at the Dash games is likely to grow in the years ahead.

The Journal at least expresses skepticism at the number of tickets sold, which the Dash isn’t releasing just yet. But otherwise they lay it on pretty thick, yet another newspaper of record cheerleading for downtown, or Uptown, whichever the case. I tell ya, it’s all part of the New Urbanist conspiracy.

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