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Hardin weighs in on Northern recruiting scandal

Finally, a little opinion from the N&R sports pages on the Northern Guilford recruiting scandal. Unfortunately, reading Ed Hardin’s columns are wandering through a maze: you don’t know where you’re going and you don’t where you’ve been.

Hardin teases us with this passage, more or less making my point that sports aren’t the only reason why a student would be attracted to a particular school:

Do we really want to go back to forcing kids to go to schools in their own attendance zones? This isn’t a sports question. It’s a busing question, a civil rights question, an academics question. And the answer is simple: No way.

The same thing is going on with flute players and aspiring ROTC students and early college-plan students wanting to take certain classes. We assume the system works for the whole, recognizing that some will take advantage of it. Our hopes are that those who would use the system for personal glory would be caught and exposed, and that those who continually do it will be purged.

But aren’t flute players and ROTC students seeking their own particular brand of personal glory? Hey, more power to them if they are. It’s well-established that sports have been a path to a college education and more productive overall life for many poor kids. But, as Hardin says, “rules are rules” and they need to be enforced. Thinking about it like that, Hardin makes a strong argument for school choice and competition, though I’m not sure that’s what he meant to do.

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Cary Allred’s excellent adventure


It’s been all over the news, but in case you missed it, I can sum it up pretty quickly.

Rep. Cary Allred takes the chelada express to Raleigh, gets pulled over by a state trooper, kisses a page, and gets into it on the House floor with Speaker Joe Hackney.

This isn’t Allred’s first, shall we say, alcohol-related issue.

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Journal reprimands Foxx

No surprise, considering the fact that the congresswoman and her district’s paper of record have never been best buddies.

A couple of interesting points the Journal makes. They not only take Foxx to task for her comments about the Matthew Shepard murder, but also about comments she made to students at North Surry High School about tobacco being no worse than Mountain Dew. But is that such an outrageous statement, considering the fact the worrywort liberals with mindsets similar to Journal editorialsts who show their desire to police what we eat and drink by advocating for a ban on soda machines in public schools?

The Journal also suggests that Foxx “should expand her sources of news, especially on a topic as important as this one.” ABC News? The Washington Times? I don’t generally like to play these games, but I’d be willing to bet that the Journal would be more than eager to follow up those news sources if they were to dig up dirt on a conservative like, well, Virginia Foxx.

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No rest for weary sports fans

Anyone else have to remind themselves that it’s N.C. State alum Vinny Del Negro — with no previous coaching experience —- leading the Bulls in their classic series versus the (KG-less) Celtics?


It’s been a busy week for sports fans —- I was overwhelmed flipping between Game 5 — which also went into overtime —- and the Canes’ dramatic victory over the Devils. Tonight, the Canes take on the Bruins in Boston, then they melt the ice at the Fleet Center for Game 7 of this classic series.

Complicating matters is the fact that —-yes—- baseball does matter in April.

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