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Friday, April, 18 2014

Can a school board sue the state?

That’s the central question as attorneys made their respective cases in court yesterday. The issue? The Guilford County Board of Education’s lawsuit challenging the state’s teacher tenure policy: Attorneys for both sides appeared in court Wednesday for a hearing on whether to grant a preliminary injunction. An injunction would protect the plaintiffs until the broader […]

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Gboro council signs off on civil rights museum loan

N&R reports the Greensboro City Council last night approved the entire $1.5 million loan for the International Civil Rights Museum: The status of the loan has been in limbo for the last two months. The council’s 7-2 decision clears the way for the financially struggling museum to receive the remaining $750,000 of the loan, if […]

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W-S 1-cent tax hike?

Winston-Salem city staff is prepping the City Council and the public for a possible 1-cent property tax hike. And that doesn’t include the additional 2.5 cents to cover debt should the public approve a proposed $175 million bond. As for the city-owned BB&T Ballpark, which doesn’t help the property tax rate no matter how they […]

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N&R: Hagan versus Snyder

I happen to know Lexington attorney and U.S. Senate candidate James Snyder. He is indeed a fine man and conscientious conservative, but is he the candidate with the best shot at defeating incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan? The N&R thinks so: Snyder also criticizes excessive executive authority by President Obama; the Affordable Care Act, which he […]

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So a guy could bring 400 jobs tomorrow…

N&R reports on the ever-evolving $1 million economic development contest that council member Tony Wilkins described as a “mess.” But more interesting was the unposted sidebar where council member and 6th District Congressional candidate Zack Matheny calls out county commissioners for Gboro’s lack of economic development: And, Matheny said, a mostly conservative Guilford County Board […]

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Piedmont Triad's Greatest Hits

Questions Surround Guilford Strategic Plan

Many questions still surround Guilford County Schools Superintendent Mo Green’s ambitious new strategic plan. One major question is exactly what the Board of Education’s role will be in implementing the plan.

Annexation Rules Could Generate Major Debates in 2009

Municipal annexation will take center stage during the General Assembly’s new session as the N.C. League of Municipalities deals with efforts to reform the state’s annexation laws put forth by property owners upset over paying city taxes for services they don’t need or want.

It's not easy being green

“Green” schools appear to be a growing trend in public education nationally and in North Carolina. But school systems are quickly finding out that green schools cost quite a bit of green money.

Greensboro facing 10 bond votes

Greensboro residents will have the opportunity to place a dollar value on culture and entertainment this fall. But they could be spending much more than the cost of the average ticket.

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City and County Issue Guide 2014

Policymakers in the many local governments of North Carolina face a host of important challenges. This issue guide offers solutions to problems that confront North Carolinians at municipal and county levels. The common thread in these recommendations is freedom. By increasing individual freedom, local governments can foster the prosperity of all North Carolinians and keep open avenues to innovative solutions from enterprising citizens.

Carolina Cronyism: Introduction, Overview, and Reforms

Cronyism is an umbrella term covering a host of government activities by which an industry or even a single firm or speculator is given favors and support that they could not attain in market competition. This report explains what opens government to cronyism, gives a brief rundown of recent examples of cronyism in North Carolina, and offers several possible reforms.

By the Numbers: What Government Costs in North Carolina Cities and Counties FY 2010

County and municipal governments provide many key services while taking in billions of dollars in revenue, but finding comparative data is hard. That's why this report provides information of how much local government costs in every city and county in North Carolina.

First Annual North Carolina County Privatization Survey

County governments all over North Carolina are saving money by privatizing services. In an effort to assist in the exchange of information about these activities, the John Locke Foundation conducted a survey of all 100 counties asking county managers to tell us about governmental activities that they currently supply privately. We also asked them if they had problems in the past with a privatized activity that had caused them to return the activity to government provision.

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